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TIPS for carers, family and friends

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This page will become a large launching pad for a wealth of tips on many topics needed when someone you love has MND/ALS

If you have a caring topic that you would like to see covered in this website, please feel free to email me and let me know what would help.

Send emails to katrina [at] maremmano dot com

Please bookmark this page and check back soon as new sections are being uploaded as fast as I can get them completed.

Statistics - over 400,000 people around the world have ALS/MND now Famous people who have died from ALS/MND Can you imagine not being able to speak, eat, move and then breathe



So many people disappear when a person they know is diagnosed with a disease as frightening as this.
Please don't be one of those people - learn about the disease and work out what kind of help you can give!

Carers and people with MND/ALS need a lot of support. They are terrified and feel very alone.

You will NEVER regret making a difference in the lives of someone facing this.


This website has been designed to support CALS - people who are caring for someone with MND/ ALS.
Katrina Jeffery cared for her husband Chris through MND/ALS with FTD and provides these supports from first hand experience.
Copyright 2015. All resources that have been used or quoted provide direct links to the source.