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Overcoming a loss by 1000 deaths

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The book everyone is talking about!

Katrina Jeffery has written a book telling the story of her journey caring for her husband with MND/ALS + FTD.

Take a few minutes out of your day to hear Katrina and Doctor Robert Lodge talk about the book, it is well worth the listen!

Motor neurone disease or ALS in combination with frontotemporal degeneration (FTD) is the cruellest combination of terminal illness anyone can have inflicted on them.
No one should have to go through their life with this disease affecting them, and yet every single day people are doing their best to live with it all over the world.

Katrina is an ordinary person who found herself in an extraordinary situation when her husband Chris was diagnosed with MND at only 52 years old.

Follow her journey as she learns about life, love and loss, caring for Chris and watching both his body and his personality being eroded away day by day.

We all think we have so much life ahead, and that these terrible things can't happen to us. The reality is that we will all face terminal illness in someone we love. When that happens, how will you cope? Even more than coping, how will you overcome the loss?

Story telling is the most powerful method of support available to people. We can read all the medical descriptions available, but they tell us nothing about what people actually go through when facing terminal illness. They provide us no idea of what we will face inside, no means to cope.


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Paperback print copies are now available online.

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I have printed copies of the book in stock and can take a direct deposit and post to you much faster than ordering online through the US.

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The price including postage is $27 if ordering directly through me. ($20 book + $7 postage)
Please send an email after paying with your address details to katrina [at] maremmano . com


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Quotes by readers of the book



Any one story
is but a weaving
of the threads
of many stories
too numerous to separate

This website has been designed to support CALS - people who are caring for someone with MND/ ALS.
Katrina Jeffery cared for her husband Chris through MND/ALS with FTD and provides these supports from first hand experience.
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